Friday, January 25, 2008

Nordreich- Auf heimischen Pfaden (2007)

Newest album from pagan black metal band, Nordreich. Sweeping melodies, wonderful songwriting, makes this an incredibly epic, rewarding release. Skatval, the man behind Nordreich, is also in Sieg Oder Tod, and Wolfsbaum. I cannot recommend this enough, especially for fans of Bilskirnir, Absurd, Geimhre, and even Kataxu and Moonblood. A truly amazing piece of pagan German art. Stunde des Ideals Productions. 

1. Einklang  3:06
2. Yggdrasil  4:21
3. Die Rabenschlacht  4:55
4. Kein Verzagen  4:10
5. Der Nornen Wirken  5:00
6. Der Rachegang  3:19
7. Des Feindes Sinnin  4:52
8. Schicksalsklänge/Reise in die Ewigkeit  6:47
9. Im Nebelgau  5:36
10. Auf heimischen Pfaden  5:34
11. Das Märkers Ringen

Total Running:  58:20

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amebix- Arise! (1985)

Seminal debut album from the British crust pioneers, Amebix.  This release is nihilistic as hell, crusty, thrashing, and will assault you in ways only crust done right can. Highly recommended, especially if this is your first foray into the world of crust. When the Baron shouts "The Kingdom of Heaven must be taken by storm!" on "Arise!", I still get goosebumps. Alternative Tentacles Records. 

1. The Moor  3:10
2. Axeman  3:33
3. Fear of God  3:13
4. Largactyl  3:47
5. Drink and Be Merry  6:08
6. Spoils of Victory  4:17
7. Arise!  5:23
8. Slave  3:55
9. The Darkest Hour  4:54

Total Running:  38:20

United Kingdom

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mgła- Mdłości (2006)

2006 EP from Poland's Mgła. Essentially a one-man band from M., from Kriegsmachine. Very good, raw, yet melodic black metal, with a rather old-school feel.  I highly recommend all of Mgła's material, but this is a particularly good release, in my opinion. Garazel/Flagellum records.

1. Mdłości I  6:33
2. Mdłości II  4:11

Total Running:  10:44

Rzeczpospolita Polska