Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blood of Kingu- De Occulta Philosophia (2007)

Debut album of Roman Saenko's (Hate Forest, Drudkh, Dark Ages) new band, Blood of Kingu. This project draws heavily from his work in both Hate Forest and Drudkh, but with a more shamanic feel. This is intensified by the tribal-sounding percussion interludes, and his typical, shaman-like growled vocals. Lyrically, this is a slight departure, instead focusing on Egyptian mythology and mysticism. Overall, a very good, powerful, and aggressive release, with a level of quality and musicianship we have come to associate with Mr. Saenko. Supernal Music. 

1. Incoarika Incognita  1:10
2. Your Blood, Nubia! Your Power, Egypt!  4:29
3. Mummu Tiamat  4:00
4. Stronghold of Megaliths, Thorns and Human Bones  4;36
5. Slaughter of Shudras  0:45
6. Lair of Night Abzu  5:28
7. Black Spectral Wings of Shaman  4:45
8. Vajtarani  0:14
9. Chambers of Inpu-sub  3:04

Total Running:  28:27


Sunday, December 23, 2007

While Heaven Wept- Of Empires Forlorn (2003)

This is the 2003 album of American epic doom metal band While Heaven Wept. While there is heavy Candlemass influence (and one candlemass cover), this album leans more towards the folk end of the musical spectrum. The music conjures up an almost Falkenbach-like feel in the music (particularly track 2), with epic, massive washes of guitar and keyboard, while the singer bears a slight resemblance to that of Tyr's singer. Fans of Candlesmass, Falkenbach, My Dying Bride, and Solitude Aeternus will not be disappointed. Very, very great, epic, folky doom metal. Elbon Records, with a re-release on Rage of Achilles Records. 

1. The Drowning Years  4:38
2. Of Empires Forlorn  7:49
3. Voice in the Wind  6:25
4. Soulsadness  7:24
5. Epistle No. 81 (Candlemass cover)  3:24
6. Sorrow of the Angels  4:47
7. From Empires to Oceans  7:18

Total Running:  42:48

United States of America

Eastern Hammer 4-Way Split (2007)

New split album from some of the biggest names in pagan/black metal. New tracks from Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, North, and Temnozor. Hammerbolt Records. 

1. Graveland: Blood Faithful to Soil  11:41
2. Nokturnal Mortum: Kolyada  5:44
3. North: To Break a Cross, To Break a Neck  5:42
4. Temnozor: Did-Dub-Snop  5:16

Total Running: 28:23

Rzeczposplita Polska, Україна

Sun of the Sleepless- Tausend kalte Winter (2000)

This phenomenal two-track EP of experimental ambient/electronic/black metal is from one of the masterminds behind Empyrium, as well as Autumnblaze, The Vision Bleak, Noekk, and Nachtmahr. A very unique and interesting blend of styles makes this a highly enjoyable listen. Prophecy Productions. 

1. Tausend kalte Winter  6:22
2. Spring 99  5:53

Total Running: 12:15

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Absurd- Grimmige Volksmusik EP (2005)

Most recent EP from Germany's seminal pagan/folk/black metal band. This EP is a collection of German folk songs given a classic Absurd metal twist. Highly recommended for fans of everything from folk/viking metal, to vikingrock/folk-punk. Nebelfee Klangwerke. 

1. Ein Jäger aus Walhall  3:25
2. Hab mein Pestkarren vollgeladen  2:54
3. Hoch auf dem Panzerwagen  3:30
4. Aufruf des Schinderhannes  3:30
5. Des Wotans schwarzer Haufen  4:52

Total Running: 18:12

Bundesrepublik Deutschland 

Défaillance- Désemparé dans un Monde Agonisant (2006)

Brilliant debut EP from the depressive mastermind behind While Sad Spirits Around Me Stroll and Ulfang. Originally released on Ewiges Eis Records, with a tape version released by Todesschrei Produktionen. Re-released by Ars Funebris Records. 

1. Oublié de tous  5:51
2. Ivresse  10:00
3. Une fin si proche  11:36
4. Hors de ce monde  3:37

Total Running: 30:50

République Française

Ulfang- Disillusion (2005)

Third demo from the depressive black metal mastermind that has created Défaillance and While Sad Spirits Around Me Stroll. Originally self-released, and then re-released by Winter Assault Productions. 

1. Disillusion  24:33

Total Running: 24:33

République Française

Ulfang- Dust (2005)

Second demo from French depressive black metal group, Ulfang. From the same mastermind behind Défaillance and While Sad Spirits Around Me Stroll. Winter Assault Productions. 

1. Dust  4:29
2. Mirror  4:29
3. Nausea  5:56
4. Trapped  3:37
5. My Fortitude  7:47
6. Résignation  3:20

Total Running: 29:38

République Française

Saturday, December 22, 2007

While Sad Spirits Around Me Stroll- In The Distance... (2007)

Debut demo from French depressive black metal band, While Sad Spirits Around Me Stroll. This is how depresseive black metal should be done. The man behind WSSAMS is also in Ulfang and Défaillance, both great bands. Todestrieb Records. 

1. Among the Stars  2:59
2. The Morning Dew Runs in My Veins  3:42
3. Astral Prophecy  3:24
4. The Harmful Black Bird  3:14
5. From a Tomb-like Refuge  3:04
6. The Secret Moon and the Sleepy Meadow  3:32
7. Their Woods  3:09
8. Become the OBSCURE 5:00
9. The Gate  5:07
10. In the Distance  2:09

Total Running: 35:44

République Française

Altorių Šešėliai- Margi Sakalai (2007)

Debut album from the Lithuanian ambient/folk/black metal group Altorių Šešeliai. Todestrieb Records. 

1. Margi Sakalai  4:40
2. ...Ant Upës Didþiausios Smëlëtø Krantø...  5:50
3. Vakaro Sutemos Mëlynai Pilkos  3:00
4. Á Dar Gilesná Pragarà II  4:20
5. Gelsvas Mënuo III  5:30
6. Að Taip Laukiu (acoustic version)  6:20
7. Krintanèiam Sniege  5:10
8. Sugráþki Pas Mane, Naktie!  3:10
9. Eternal Wars (Blackthru cover)  5:39
10. Sodai Sodai, Leliumai (Lithuanian Folk Song)  3:05

Total Running: 46:44

Lietuvos Respublika

Altorių Šešėliai- Ir Nusinese Saule Miskai (2006)

Second demo from the relatively new Lithuanian ambient/folk/black metal band Altorių Šešeliai. I'd perhaps recommend this for fans of Woods of Infinity, and Wyrd. Funeral Moonlight Productions. 

1. Izanga  2:02
2. As taip lauklu  6:37
3. Nuodeme-ne deme  3:21
4. Krito mano zvaigzde  6:17
5. Nesugrisiu daugiau  4:44
6. Epilogas  1:55

Total Running: 24:56

Lietuvos Respublika

Agalloch- Pale Folklore (1999)

Essential debut album from American folk/dark metal masters Agalloch. The End records. 

1. She Painted Fire Across the Skyline, Part I  8:35
2. She Painted Fire Across the Skyline, Part II  3:09
3. She Painted Fire Across the Skyline, Part III  7:09
4. The Misshapen Steed  4:54
5. Hallways of Enchanted Ebony  9:59
6. Dead Winter Days  7:51
7. As Embers Dress the Sky  8:04
8. The Melancholy Spirit  12:25

Total Running: 1:02:08

United States of America

Friday, December 21, 2007

Agalloch- Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor EP (2001)

2001 EP of seminal American folk/dark metal band Agalloch. The End Records. 

1. Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor  6:59
2. Foliorum Viridium  2:43
3. Haunting Birds  3:45
4. Kneel to the Cross (Sol Invictus cover)  5:54
5. A Poem by Yeats  8:39

Total Running: 28:00

United States of America

Viikate- Surut Pois Ja Kukka Rintaan (2003)

2003 Full-length release from Finnish folk-rock group Viikate. Ranka Recordings. 

1. Karmiini juhlasali  3:12
2. Otteita syksystä  4:09
3. Rauta-airot (Motörhead cover of Iron Horse/Born to Lose, w/ Finnish lyrics)  3:56
4. Kuolleen miehen kupletti  3:47
5. Kurjat kurjet  2:38
6. Piispa ja minä  3:26
7. Leimu  3:56
8. Kaunis kotkan käsi  4:18
9. Varjojen yö (Stefan Rembowski cover)  3:03
10. Kivi itkee vihreää  4:10

Total Running: 36:35

Suomen Tasavalta

Viikate- Kuolleen Miehen Kupletti EP (2004)

2004 EP from the Finnish folk-rock group Viikate. Songs from this EP were later released on their "Surut Pois Ja Kukka Rintaan" album.  Ranka Recordings. 

1. Kuolleen miehen kupletti  4:01
2. Kaakko  3:24
3. Katoan  5:09
4. Sirkkellmiehen viitonen  3:07
5. Vasten kuutamon siltaa (Roky Erikson cover)  4:43

Total Running: 20:24

Suomen Tasavalta

Bilskirnir- In Flames of Purification (2002)

First full-length by German pagan black metal powerhouse Bilskirnir. Released by Millenium Metal Music, Tanhu Records, Perverted Taste Records, and Reissued by Solistitium Records. 

1. For Victory We Ride  5:38
2. In Flames of Purification  6:20
3. Revenge  4:39
4. Die Lichtung  13:27
5. Barbarism Returns (Graveland cover)  5:08
6. Valhalla is Calling  8:05
7. Bis Germanien Erwacht  8:32
8. Feuerzauber  4:53
9. For the Return of Paganism  4:56

Total Running: 1:01:38

Bundesrepublik Deutschland 

Tenhi- Hallavedet EP (1998)

2-song EP from Finnish dark folk masters Tenhi. Re-released recently as part of Prophecy Production's 3-Disc  "Folk Aesthetic" album. 

1. Hallavedet  7:36
2. Hiljaiseksi lampi jää 8:07

Total Running: 15:42

Suomen Tasavalta

Bilskirnir- Wotansvolk (2007)

Bilskirnir's Wotansvolk, the newest album from the German pagan black metal band. Wotanstahl Klangschmiede Germania Records. 

1. Wotansvolk  4:03
2. Weltenbrand  4:53
3. Reconquering Atlantean Supremacy  8:26
4. Niedergang  5:11
5. Nacht und Nebel  8:15
6. Nebelheim  2:14
7. Wolfswut  4:31

Total Running: 37:33

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Bilskirnir- Hyperborea EP (2005)

The "Hyperborea" EP from Germany's Bilskirnir (Widar, of Ødelegger/Ulfhethnar).  Nykta Records. 

1. As Snow Covered the Hyperborean Soil  7:39
2. Nordic White Desert  5:42
3. Autumn Fires  5:48

Total Running: 19:09

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Valfunde/Amesoeurs Split (2007)

New split EP from Valfunde (Famine, of Peste Noire), and Amesoeurs (Neige, of Peste Noire/Alcest/Forgotten Woods/ex-Mortifera).  De Profundis records. 

1. Valfunde- Hopital  2:23
2. Valfunde- "Serenade" de Verlaine  4:28
3. Amesoeurs- Les Ruches Malades  4:18

Total Running: 11:06

République Français

Hildegard von Bingen- Symphoniae

German composer, mystic, and eventually, saint, of the medieval period. One of the first notable female composers. Primarily monastic chant to be performed in convents.

1. O Quam Mirabilis Est  2:42
2. O Pulchare Facies (de Virginibus)  3:55
3. O Virga ac Diadema Purpurae Regis (De Sancta Maria)  4:50
4. Instrumental I  1:53
5. O Clarissma Mater (De Sancta Maria)  8:07
6. Instrumental II  5:00
7. Spiritui Sancto Honor Sit (De Undecim Milibus Virginibus)  4:56
8. O Virtus Sapientiae  2:53
9. O Lucidissima Apostolorum Turba (De Apostolis) 6:41
10. Instrumental III  2:58
11. O Successores Fortissimi Leonis (De Confessoribus)  2:10
12. O Vos, Felices Radices (De Patriarchis et Prophetis)  5:07
13. Instrumental IV  5:19
14. Vos Flores Rosarum (De Martyribus)  5:45

Total Running Time: 1:02


I know there are many blogs out there, all touting differing genres of music, information, etc; That being said, I figured I would have a go at this, and I'd try to incorporate all the differing styles of music I listen to, from Classical to black metal, neofolk to sludge, and everything in between. Enjoy!