Sunday, December 23, 2007

While Heaven Wept- Of Empires Forlorn (2003)

This is the 2003 album of American epic doom metal band While Heaven Wept. While there is heavy Candlemass influence (and one candlemass cover), this album leans more towards the folk end of the musical spectrum. The music conjures up an almost Falkenbach-like feel in the music (particularly track 2), with epic, massive washes of guitar and keyboard, while the singer bears a slight resemblance to that of Tyr's singer. Fans of Candlesmass, Falkenbach, My Dying Bride, and Solitude Aeternus will not be disappointed. Very, very great, epic, folky doom metal. Elbon Records, with a re-release on Rage of Achilles Records. 

1. The Drowning Years  4:38
2. Of Empires Forlorn  7:49
3. Voice in the Wind  6:25
4. Soulsadness  7:24
5. Epistle No. 81 (Candlemass cover)  3:24
6. Sorrow of the Angels  4:47
7. From Empires to Oceans  7:18

Total Running:  42:48

United States of America


Anonymous said...

MDB Pranz

Anonymous said...

Actually I disagree with your description. This has nothing to do with Falkenbach, it's more like Mercenary mixed with a bit of melodeath with some euro-power embedded and the good old trad doom (read: whiny) vocals.