Tuesday, April 29, 2008

C.W. King-The Gnostics and their Remains, Ancient and Mediæval (1887)

A book which describes the Gnostics (early Christian mystic sect), and it's sources; The Worship of Mithras and Serapis; Abraxas, Abraxaster and Abraxoid Gems; Monuments of Gnosticism; The Templars, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons; and descriptions of plates and engravings created by Gnostics. 

506 Pages

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Belenos-Spicilege (2002)

Spectacular celtic/pagan black metal release from France's Belenos. Furious, melodic black metal, mixing in with beautiful down-tempo interludes, and very pagan-sounding clean vocals, come together to create a pagan black metal masterpiece. Highly recommended. Sacral  Productions. 

1. Tal Ifern  5:13
2. Ensorcelé  5:11
3. Terre de Brume  6:07
4. Noz Pagan  3:04
5. Par Belenos  4;46
6. Mort Divine  6:44
7. Loin au Nord  5:27
8. L'antre Noir  7:04
9. Chant D'automne  2:13

Total Running:  45:49


Belenos-Errances Oniriques (2001)

Debut full-length from France's Belenos. This is furious, melodically-tinged celtic pagan black metal at it's finest. Moments of harsh, seoncd-wave-like black metal, give way to beautiful, heavily melodic, atmosphere-drenched passages, and even some clean vocals, that truly invoke a pagan spirit. Highly recommended to all pagan black metal fans! Sacral Productions. 

1. Morfondu  5:05
2. Errances Oniriques  4:59
3. Suppôt du Néant  4:02
4. Voyage Subliminal  5:05
5. Le Domaine des Songes (acte 2)  6:29
6. En Quête D'Immortalité  5:59
7. Le Dernier Pas  7:09
8. Interlude  1:04
9. Derniere Rencontre  6:01

Total Running:  45:53


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Velvet Cacoon-Genevieve (2004)

Velvet Cacoon is a band surrounded by controversy, due to copyrighted music-stealing, their tall tales, and their heavy reliance on the drug DXM. But let's set those non-musical aspects aside, and just take this release for what it is: a very unique, bizarre, and enjoyable black metal release. Some have described Velvet Cacoon's music as sounding as if it is underwater. Not in a bad production way, but in an ambience way... the waves of music simply wash over and envelop you, and give a subtle underwater-like ambience. If your want to experience some black metal that is different than your run-of-the-mill tremolo riffing and "arghhhh satan" screeches, give this a shot. Recommended! Full Moon Productions. 

1. 1  6:44
2. P.S. Nautical  6:08
3. Avalon Polo  5:51
4. Laudanum  5:49
5. Fauna & Flora  5:22
6. Genevieve  7:57
7. Bete Noir  17:30

Total Running:  55:21

United States of America

Vhernen-Syberia (2006)

A rather new black metal band hailing from the Faroe Islands. A very unique-sounding release, with washing guitars that create a sort of hazy sonic wall... quite addictive, however! I would HIGHLY recommend this to fans of Velvet Cacoon, Procer Veneficus, bands of that nature. 

1. Syberia  5:32
2. Tundrha  5:14
3. Numb  4:33
4. Funeral Aurora  5:01

Total Running:  20:21

Faroe Islands

Vidsyn-On Frostbitten Path Beneath (2004)

Definitely recommended for fans of the second wave, in all it's glory, Vidsyn is an up-and-coming Norwegian black metal band. This is great black metal release, that reminds me in places of the glory days of Immortal and the like... just great, well-done black metal. And while this is but a demo, there are two legends of the Norwegian scene lending a hand in this recording, with Nocturno Culto contributing vocals, and the talented Hellhammer on drums. Recommended. Self-released (re-release by Agonia Records).

1. Stormsend Winter Realm  5:11
2. Take Me Up to Higher Ground  4:21
3. On Frostbitten Path Beneath  5:35
4. Evil Rises Darkness Falls  5:39
5. Battlefield  3:04

Total Running:  23:50


Nokturnal Mortum-Weltanschauung (2005)

The most recent full-length by Ukraine's epic nationalist folk black metal legends, Nokturnal Mortum. This is a full-length really showcasing the depth and brilliance of their new direction, with a heavy use of Slavic folk instruments (Weellyre, Drymba, Telynka, Kobza, Sopilka, Ocarina, Koza, Zitra, etc;), mixed with rich, lengthy, epic masterpieces that harken to the glory days of viking-era Bathory, and even recent Graveland, but with a very unique and special Ukrainian twist that only Nokturnal Mortum could add. HIGHLY recommended. Easily my favorite Nokturnal Mortum record. No Colours Records. 

1. The Path of Immortals  2:26
2. I Feel the Breath of Ragnarok  8:06
3. Stardust  2:27
4. Weltanschauung  8:32
5. Sorrow of Native Lands  3:21
6. Hailed be the Heroes  8:15
7. The Dance of Fire and Steel  1:47
8. The New Era of Swords  7:40
9. Endless Vast Swamps  1:29
10. The Knots Upon the Thread of Fate  10:39
11. Harvesting the Seeds of Death  1:52
12. The Taste of Victory  12:24
13. The Way of Glory  2:51
14. Untitled  3:00

Total Running:  1:14:49


Nokturnal Mortum-The Taste of Victory EP (2004)

Absolutely incredible EP from Ukrain's symphonic/folk black metal legends, Nokturnal Mortum. This album really exemplifies the change in sound they have made as of late, with a much heavier focus on incorporating the instruments and folk music of their native Ukraine, creating a much more slavic folk-metal feel. The other obvious (but awesome) difference is a focus on longer, more epic-feeling songs, in the vein of viking-era Bathory and later Graveland. This is a highly recommended piece of music! Oriana Productions. 

1. Weltanschauung  8:36
2. The New Era of Swords  7:38
3. The Taste of Victory  11:41
4. As the Steel Eagle into GOlden Svarga  14:51

Total Running:  42:46


Friday, April 25, 2008

Nokturnal Mortum-NeChrist (1999)

1999 album from the Ukrainian pagan horde of Nokturnal Mortum. As always, this is a very solid, epic, atmospheric, overall amazing, black metal album. This album, however, starts to show hints of the direction that Nokturnal Mortum was soon to go in, more openly embracing their native Ukrainian folk instruments and music. Highly recommended. Oriana Productions. 

1. The Funeral Wind Born in Oriana  6:35
2. Night Before the Fight  6:34
3. Black Raven  8:10
4. The Call of Aryan Spirit  5:54
5. The Child of Swamps and Full Moon  5:35
6. Death Damnation  5:32
7. In the Fire of the Wooden Churches  7:08
8. Jesus' Blood  6:09
9. Nechrist: The Dance of Swords  6:32
10. Perun's Celestial Silver  8:21

Total Running:  1:06:30


Nokturnal Mortum-To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire (1998)

Another breathtaking epic pagan black metal release from Nokturnal Mortum. As with all Nokturnal Mortum releases, I highly recommend this, as they are all top-notch. For fans of Emperor, Kataxu, Temnozor, etc; Oriana Productions. 

1. Bestial Summoning  5:59
2. To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire  5:26
3. On the Moonlight Path  5:24
4. The Hands of Chaos  5:09
5. Under the Banners of the Horned Knjaz  5:57
6. The 13th Asbath Celebration  8:30
7. Cheremosh  6:06
8. The Forgotten Ages of Victories  6:54

Total Running:  49:27


Nokturnal Mortum-Goat Horns (1997)

Absolutely phenomenal debut full-length from Ukraine's kings of pagan/nationalistic black metal, Nokturnal Mortum. This album is full of beautifully-crafted epic/symphonic black metal songs, with a hints of Ukrainian folk influence throughout. An absolute masterpiece, like all of Nokturnal Mortum's music. Highly recommended. MetalAgen Records. 

1. Black Moon Overture  4;47
2. Kuyaviya  7:02
3. Goat Horns  9:04
4. Unholy Orathania  8:07
5. Veles' Scrolls  11:47
6. Kolyada  7:08
7. Eternal Circle  3:50

Total Running:  51:45


Nokturnal Mortum-Lunar Poetry (1996)

Nokturnal Mortum, love 'em or hate 'em, has become one of the most influential and well known black metal bands outside of the Norwegian second-wave scene. While many take issue with their ideology (which has a tendency towards the nationalistic), I urge you not to get hung up on this. What matters here is the music. They are incredibly popular for a reason... they have made some of the best black metal recordings of the pst 10-12 years. Melodic, dripping in atmosphere, with absolutely amazing riffs and skillful guitar work, this demo shows just how advanced they were, even at an early stage in their careers. This is some of the best metal around today, and certainly one of the best of the entire Ukrainian/Slavic scene. Highly recommended. MetalAgen Records. 

1. Tears of Paganism  1:07
2. Lunar Poetry  4:52
3. Perun's Celestial Silver  7:08
4. Carpathian Mysteries  5:13
5. ...And Winter Becomes  4:52
6. Ancient Nation  5:10
7. The Grief of Oriana  5:33
8. Sorrows of the Moon (Celtic Frost cover)  3:46
9. Autodafe/Barbarian Dreams  7:14
10. Return of the Vampire Lord  11:30

Total Running:  55:25


Nifelheim-Envoy of Lucifer (2007)

Most recent release from Swedish blackened thrash masters, Nifelheim. Like all Nifelheim albums, this is black/thrash done right, that'll have you won over, bangin' your head, in no time flat. Highly recommended! Regain records. 

1. Infernal Flame of Destruction  4:15
2. Evocation of the End  2:18
3. Open the Gates of Damnation  4:32
4. Claws of Death  5:02
5. Storm of the Reaper  4:16
6. Envoy of Lucifer  3:27
7. Evil is Eternal  4:00
8. Raging Flames  4:18
9. Belial's Prey  4:24
10. No More Life  7:34

Total Running:  44:05


Nifelheim-Servants of Darkness (2000)

2000 album from Sweden's masters of blackened thrash, Nifelheim. More of the deliciously head-bangable old-school blackened thrash you've come to love from Nifelheim, only on this album, they seem to have kicked up the technicality a little bit, but certainly in a good way! Every song is a winner, and every song will kick yer ass. Highly recommended. Black Sun Records. 

1. Evil Blasphemies  3:16
2. Sadistic Blood Massacre  2:50
3. Black Evil  2:17
4. Bestial Avenger  5:17
5. War of Doom (Armageddon)  4:16
6. Servants of Darkness  3:49
7. Infernal Desolation  3:27
8. Into the Morbid Black  5:08
9. Sacrifice to the Lord of Darkness  4:21

Total Running:  34:41


Nifelheim-Devil's Force (1998)

Some more ass-kicking, take-no-prisoners, blackened thrash done right. Every song on this album kicks ass, with a heavy old-school vibe, yet a slightly modernized take on the old-school sounds. If you like your blackened thrash done right, look no further. Highly recommended!  Necropolis Records. 

1. Deathstrike from Hell  3:47
2. The Final Slaughter  4:45
3. Desecration of the Dead  4:48
4. Demonic Evil  3:15
5. Satanic Mass  4:50
6. Soldiers of Satan  3:54
7. Devil's Force  3:43
8. Hellish Blasphemy  3:02

Total Running:  32:04


Nifelheim-Nifelheim (1995)

Easily one of the most impressive and catchy-as-all-hell black/thrash bands around these days, Nifelheim writes riff after godly riff of pure old-school goodness. Channeling the spirit of early Bathory, and even Venom and Hellhammer, and mixing it with it speedier, blacker attack... these guys know how it's done, and they do it damn well. Highly recommended, as is all their material... and bang yer fuckin' head! Necropolis Records. 

1. The Devastation  3:01
2. Black Curse  3:47
3. Unholy Death  2:06
4. Possessed by Evil  3:54
5. Sodomizer  5:07
6. Satanic Sacrifice  3:14
7. Storm of Satan's Fire  4:35
8. Witchfuck  3:06

Total Running:  28:50


Robert Hewitt Brown-Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy (1882)

This incredibly detailed book reveals the hidden meanings behind occult signs and symbols from ancient times, found in what should be termed "Stellar Theology:, and then carried over into our modern world. Also reveals how Freemasonry is connected to Judaism, Christianity, and the Bible. Lastly, it shows what the ancients knew about astronomy, and how it became incorporated into the various religions of the world. Brown explores the world's legends, emblems, and symbols, and how they were all connected to ancient astronomical systems. 

254 Pages

Dion Fortune- The Mystical Qabalah (1935)

A thorough and systematic analysis of the ancient wisdom expressed in the symbolism of the Tree of Life.  This is a Qabalah study guide and an introduction to the Tree of Life from the viewpoint of Western Mysticism. 

211 Pages

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Necromessiah-Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad (2007)

Absolutely ass-kicking black thrash from Italy. Every track is a winner, and it'll have you bangin' yer head in no time flat. Ass-kicking riffs, short, sweet, and to-the-point songs...this is just a good ass kicking you'll enjoy over and over again. Recommended, especially for fans of Deströyer 666, Gospel of the Horns, and Nifelheim. Blasphemous Underground. 

1. Intro (Vatican Burning)
2. Atomic Bloodshed  4:14
3. Marching for Hell  2:21
4. Christ-Crushing Black Metal  3:34
5. Terror Squad  3:16
6. 666 Necroalkolterrorist  2:46
7. In the Name of God Let the Churches Burn  2:21
8. Fukking Bastard God  2:45
9. Evil Prophets  2:49
10. Total Blasphemy 2:30

Total Running:  28:30


Bathory-Nordland II (2003)

The final musical gift the great Quorthon bestowed upon us before passing away at a far too early age. This, much like it's sister album, Nordland II, is an absolute masterpiece of folk/viking metal. Overall, this is Quorthon truly at the top of his technical prowess, a truly wonderful album. Highly recommended. Black Mark Productions. 

1. Fanfare  3:36
2. Blooded Shore  5:47
3. Sea Wolf  5:26
4. Vinland  6:39
5. The Land  6:23
6. Death and Resurrection of a Northern Son  8:30
7. The Messenger  10:02
8. Flash of the Silverhammer  4:09
9. The Wheel of Sun  12:27
10. Outro  0:24

Total Running:  1:03:23


Bathory-Nordland I (2002)

The older of the last two releases Quorthon created, these albums were a true return to form, only this time, it feels like Quorthon stepped it up even more than the original 'viking trilogy' albums... absolutely majestic melodies and riffs, his singing voice has improved considerably, as well as his guitar technique, and these songs are absolutely chock full of norse atmosphere. HIGHLY recommended... one of my favorite Bathory releases. Black Mark Productions. 

1. Prelude  2:34
2. Nordland  9:21
3. Vinterblot  5:18
4. Dragon's Breath  6:45
5. Ring of Gold  5:35
6. Foreverdark Woods  8:06
7. Broken Sword  5:35
8. Great Hall Awaits a Fallen Brother  8:17
9. Mother Earth Father Thunder  5:38
10. Heimfard  2:12

Total Running:  59:21


Bathory-Blood on Ice (1996)

Grossly, grossly underrated Bathory album, this has, in my opinion, some amazing music on it...actually one of my top three favorite Bathory albums. More epic, atmosphere-laden viking metal songs, delicate, acoustic pieces, and the voice of Quorthon we have grown to love. Absolutely recommended. Black Mark Productions. 

(2003 pressing)

1. Intro/Blood on Ice  7:29
2. Man of Iron  2:33
3. One Eyed Old Man  4:22
4. The Sword  4:09
5. The Stallion  5:15
6. The Woodwoman/The Lake  13:00
7. Gods of Thunder, of Wind, and of Rain  5:42
8. The Ravens  1:10
9. The Revenge of the Blood on Ice  9:53
10. Outro  0:23

Total Running:  53:49


Bathory-Twilight of the Gods (1991)

Third album of the viking-era Bathory... this is hands-down my favorite Bathory release, and in my opinion, one of the most memorable and moving viking metal albums i've ever heard. I have nothing but good things to say about this album... everything that was started on the previous two albums, is perfected here: Epic atmosphere, beautifully crafted songs, wonderful folk melodies, march-like, anthem-quality metal tunes, interspersed with delicate acoustic melodies...everything here is WONDERFUL! If you only own one Bathory album, make it this one. HIGHLY recommended. Black Mark Productions. 

(2003 pressing)
1. Twilight of the Gods/Through the Blood by Thunder/Blood and Iron  30:45
2. Under the Runes  6:00
3. To Enter Your Mountain  7:37
4. Bond of Blood  7:35
5. Hammerheart  4:58
6. (untitled outro)  0:23

Total Running:  56:52


Bathory-Hammerheart (1990)

Second album from the 'viking-era' of Bathory. This is really where they came into their own, with EPIC, lengthy, amazing songs, choirs, acoustic, atmospheric touches, Quorthon's impassioned vocals, and heavy use of norse mythology, makes this one of the best viking metal releases ever (Don't believe me? Listen to "One Rode to Asa Bay"). Like all of Bathory's releases, this is required! HIGHLY recommended. Black Mark Productions. 

1. Shores in Flames  11:09
2. Valhalla  9:35
3. Baptised in Fire and Ice  7:58
4. Father to Son  6:29
5. Song to Hall up High/Home of Once Brave  9:17
6. One Rode to Asa Bay  10:24
7. Outro  0:52

Total Running:  55:44


Bathory-Blood Fire Death (1988)

Any self-respecting metal fan already has at least an inkling of who Bathory is, but for the uninitiated, they (well, really, just Quorthon) were one of the most influential and beloved bands in the extreme metal world. While Bathory's first three albums were exclusively blackened thrash in the same vein as Venom, Hellhammer, and Sodom, "Blood Fire Death" is where Bathory almost single-handedly started to create the viking metal genre of metal. While this album still bears traces of the blackened thrash roots of Bathory, the use of epic, atmospheric touches throughout the album, and the second and eighth tracks, really kicked things off. Acoustic guitar intros, slowed, march-like tempos, epic as hell riffs, it's all here. You need this album. Period. Black Mark Productions. 

1. Odens Ride over Nordland  3:00
2. A Fine Day to Die  8:36
3. The Golden Walls of Heaven  5:23
4. Peace 'till Death  3:40
5. Holocaust  3:26
6. For All Those Who Died  4:57
7. Dies Irae  5:12
8. Blood Fire Death  10:30
9. Outro  0:58

Total Running:  45:43


Bak De Syv Fjell-From Haavardstun (1997)

It's really quite sad that this band did not record more than one rehearsal, and this EP. This EP, although only two song,s is one of my favorite folk/viking metal EP's of all time. Absolutely brilliantly crafted songs, wonderful melodies that stay stuck in your head, and a rawer-than-usual, gritty production, all come together to make this a beautiful atmospheric, amazing release. Highly recommended! Edge Circle Productions. 

1. From Haavardstun  4:37
2. De Siste Tanker  3:53

Total Running:  8:30


Ásmegin-Hin Vordende Sod & Sø (2003)

Phenomenal debut full-length from Norway's Ásmegin. Absolutely stellar-quality folk/viking metal. Heavily nordic feel, with fiddles, accordions, and the like, mixed with killer riffs, and occasionally quite brutal black/death metal influence, ethereal acoustic passages with distant, tasteful female vocals, and an overall very epic, atmospheric listen. HIGHLY recommended, for all fans of folk/viking metal, ranging from Ensiferum, all the way to Amon Amarth. Napalm Records. 

1. Af Helvegum  2:46
2. bruderov Paa Hægstadtun  3:43
3. Huldrandans-Hin Grønnkledde  4:07
4. Til Rondefolkets Herskab  4:04
5. Over Ægirs Vidstragte Sletter  3:44
6. Slit Livets Baand  1:32
7. Efterbyrden  5:06
8. Op Af Bisterlitiern  3:41
9. Vargr I Véum  3:42
10. Blodhevn  6:19
11. Valgalder  3:29

Total Running:  42:13


Vinterland-Welcome My Last Chapter (1996)

Excellent, and oft-overlooked, release from Vinterland. They play a sort of epic melodic black metal, in the same vein as early Dissection and the like (although I almost like Vinterland more!). This album is absolutely superb, if you are into the whole melodic black metal sort of thing. Keyboards on this album are also played by the legendary Dan Swanö! HIGHLY recommended. No Fashion Records. 

1. Our Dawn of Glory  6:09
2. I'm an Other in the Night  7:03
3. So Far Beyond... (The Great Vast Forest)  3:29
4. A Castle So Crystal Clear  5:28
5. As I Behold the Dying Sun  6:14
6. Vinterskogen  3:57
7. Still the Night is Awake  3:30
8. A Winter Breeze  4:49
9. Wings of Sorrow  8:53

Total Running:  49:47


VON-Satanic Blood (1992)

An absolute classic of early underground black metal, VON's Satanic Blood demo has since attained a sort of legendary, highly influential, 'ahead of it's time' status. This is some of the rawest, most aggressive, filthy, minimalist black metal around, creating a sound that is akin to Beherit, Ildjarn, Bone Awl, Vondr, etc; This is rawly produced, short, evil, and filthy black metal. 

1. Devil Pig  2:22
2. Veinen  2:28
3. Watain  2:51
4. Lamb  1:43
5. Veadtuck  3:18
6. Satanic Blood  2:08
7. Christ Fire  2:59
8. Von  2:30

Total Running:  20:22

United States of America

Vordven-Woodland Passage EP (2001)

2001 EP, one of the last releases of this all-too-short-lived Finnish epic/symphonic black metal band. As with their full-length, this is an absolutely gorgeous album. Highly recommended! No Colours Records. 

1. Heathen Blood Never Falls  3:32
2. Journey into the Realms Above  2:07
3. Cold Pagan Steel  4:10
4. Woodland Passage  4:03
5. ...In Melancholy  1:08
6. Through Decades  3:56

Total Running:  18:56


Vordven-Towards the Frozen Stream (1999)

Amazing album from short-lived Finnish epic symphonic black metal band, Vordven. I cannot sing the praises of this band enough....epic, atmospheric soundscapes, beautiful melodies, subtle, yet grand, keys, tasteful, sparingly-used female vocals...just overall, an AMAZING band. I'd recommend this to all fans of symphonic/epic black metal (not the cheesy Dimmu-clone crap), especially for fans of bands as varied as early Abigor, and Summoning, to name a few. Highly recommended!! No Colours Records. 

1. Harness of Heaven  1:33
2. Moonlight in the Northern Sky  6:12
3. Dream of Northside  9:00
4. Rivendell  7:12
5. Aurora Borealis  1:15
6. Eternal Storm  6:10
7. When the Snowcrystal Reaches the Nightgleam  5:49
8. Towards the Frozen Stream  7:46

Total Running:  44:37


Vorgrow-Black Metal is Elitism (2007)

Absolutely awesome debut demo from Venezuela's Vorgrow. Instrumental, melancholic, depressive black metal that does not get old, repetitive, or boring... just lots of beautiful, melancholic riffs and a gloomy and dark atmosphere. Highly recommended. 

1. I  6:10
2. II  7:03
3. III  8:46
4. IV  9:01

Total Running:  31:00


Vrolok-Resurgence II: Where the Dying Meet the Dead (2004)

Second album from American black metal band, Vrolok. Bizarre, twisted, depressive, with unique melodic touches. An interesting and rewarding listen, for sure. Recommended. Alpha Draconis Records. 

1. Roaming the Abyss  2:02
2. Within the Master's Chambers  7:09
3. Obsequium Fuenris  8:30
4. Vampiir Reawakening  2:22
5. ...And Shadows Descend  7:02
6. Nightfall  3:38
7. Sleeping Close to Death  7:44

Total Running:  38:27

United States of America

Nae'blis-Sketches of Reality (2007)

Great second full-length from Sweden's Nae'blis. An ambience of sheer depression and loneliness is instilled in the listener right off the bat, and doesn't let up until the end of the record. I would recommend this release to listeners of such diverse acts as Xasthur, Lifelover, Leviathan, and even Shining. Northern Silence. 

1. Distorted Mind  15:32
2. The Curse of Evolution  11:16
3. Sketches of Reality  13:41
4. No Purpose in Life  11:54

Total Running:  52:23


Alan Baker-Invisible Eagle: The History of Nazi Occultism (2000)

This book covers and exposes the deadly history of the occult in global government and the secret societies which weave in and out of politics. Covering such vast topics as the mystical origins of National Socialism, the Spear of Longinus, The Nazi-Tibet connection, Nazi cosmology/hollow earth theory/Thule, and many, many other diverse related areas. 

226 Pages

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nachtmystium-Instinct:Decay (2006)

I cannot say enough good things about Nachtmystium; this is absolutely, in my opinion, one of the best USBM releases to date. Refusing to stay confined to the bounds of traditional black metal, Nachtmystium branches out into different areas of music, in wonderfully inventive, unique ways. Sure, the base elements of black metal are all here, but thrown into the mix are traditional 80's metal and thrash elements, depressive black metal elements, and even some psychadelic influence. Killer riff after killer riff, smoldering guitar solos, and an overall unique and wonderful ambience come together to create an absolute masterpiece of an album. I HIGHLY recommend this album, to all black metal fans with a slightly open mind, and anyone interested in just hearing a new and unique take on the black metal style of music. Battle Kommand Records. 

1. Instinct  1:32
2. A Seed for Suffering  7:09
3. Keep Them Open  2:56
4. Chosen By No One  7:01
5. Circumvention  4:13
6. Eternal Ground  3:26
7. The Antichrist Messiah  2:30
8. Here's to Hoping  4:03
9. Abstract Nihilism  3:39
10. Decay  6:26

Total Running:  42:55

United States of America

Nachtmystium-Eulogy IV (2004)

Absolutely STELLAR EP from Chicago's Nachtmystium. This is where Azentrius started to gear Nachtmystium's sound towards the psychadelic, broadening the scope of influence and sound of his band. An absolutely amazing, unique piece of black metal, and a precursor of the masterpiece and evolution in sound to come. HIGHLY recommended. Total Holocaust Records. 

1. My Vengeance  3:56
2. Eulogy IV  4:50
3. Bleed for Thee  4:49
4. The Wound Which Cannot Heal  5:29
5. You Get Nothing  2:58
6. Kronet (Ildjarn cover)  3:02
7. Bak To Lysemde Oyne (Ildjarn cover)  2:43
8. Satanic Blood (VON cover)  1:59

Total Running:  29:46

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Nachtmystium-Demise (2004)

Second full-length album from Nachtmystium. This album is still from their old-school, cold n' depressive, melodically tinged black metal. If you are a fan of well-made black metal in general, this is for you. Recommended. Battle Kommand Records. 

1. Intro  1:34
2. Solitary Voyage  7:01
3. Scorpio Incarnate  5:00
4. Ashes to Ashes  6:06
5. The Glorious Moment  5:11
6. Rise and Fall  9:48
7. Transmission Postmortem (Outro)  8:23

Total Running:  43:02

United States of America

Nachtmystium-Nachtmystium EP (2003)

2003 EP from one of my favorite black metal bands right now. While this EP is more traditional black metal, they went on to create a sort of psychadelic/black metal hybrid. Nonetheless, this is wonderfully-crafted, ass-kickin' black metal. Regimental Records.

1. The Glorious Moment  5:12
2. Cold Tormentor (I've Become)  2:44
3. Come Forth, Devastation  3:22
4. Embrace Red Horizon  2:31
5. Call of the Ancient  4:24
6. Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames (Judas Iscariot cover)  5:47

Total Running:  24:00

United States of America

Arkona-Vo Slavu Velikim! (2005)

Yet another masterpiece from the Russian masters of folk metal, Arkona. Infectious folk melodies, amazingly-crafted songs, crazy-good riffs...nothing bad to say about this album! Highly recommended! Sound Age Productions. 

1. Intro (Kolymiyka)  1:31
2. Skvoz' Tuman Vekov  5:11
3. Rus' Iznachal'naya  5:42
4. Vo Slavu Velikim!  5:36
5. Po Syroi Zemie  7:34
6. Tuman Yarom  2:51
7. Zov Bitvy  4:07
8. Vedy Proshlogo  5:21
9. Velikden'  0:56
10. Gnev Vremen  5:10
11. Na Svarogovoi Doroge  5:06
12. Vyldi, Vyldi Ivanku...  1:12
13. Vosstanie Roda  5:27
14. Sila Slavnyh  5:32

Total Running:  1:01:26


Arkona-Lepta (2004)

Phenomenal second full-length from Russia's Arkona. Some of the best slavic folk metal money can buy, Arkona just plain doesn't disappoint. If you like folk metal at all, this is HIGHLY recommended. Sound Age Productions. 

1. Sotkany Veka  4:13
2. Lepta o Gneve  5:25
3. Chernye Debri Voiny  4:27
4. Zarnicy Nashei Svodbody  5:40
5. Vyidu ya na Volushky  3:37
6. Voin Pravdy  5:48
7. Marena  7:23
8. Epilog  1:51
9. Oi, to ne Vecher...  3:12

Total Running:  41:39


Arkona-Vozrozhdenie (2004)

Absolutely stunning debut LP from Russia's Arkona. Really, overall, Arkona plays some of the most solid metal coming out of Russia these days...extremely high quality. Almost all music is written by Masha "Scream", and it is very obvious she has some incredible talent, crafting wonderful, catchy, yet at times, brutal riffs, and infusing them with huge amounts of pagan folk atmosphere. I cannot recommend all of Arkona's material enough. Sound Age Productions. 

1. Kolyada  6:55
2. Maslenitsa  2:51
3. K Domy Svaroga  5:21
4. Chernye Vorony  4:16
5. Vozrozhdenie  6:05
6. Rus  6:34
7. Brate Slavyane  4:53
8. Solntsevorot  3:36
9. Pod Mechami...  5:12
10. Po Zverinym Tropam...  3:37
11. Zalozhnyy  4:16
12. Zov Predkov  5:01

Total Running:  58:33


Macabre Omen-The Ancient Returns (2005)

Absolutely stupendous debut full-length from Macabre Omen. This is filled with old-school viking metal vibe, but in a way that doesn't sound stale or re-hashed. Epic riffs, solos, and atmosphere. A must for fans of viking-era Bathory, Nachtfalke, Graveland, and even Moonblood. Highly recommended. Blutreinheit Productions. 

1. In Memory...  5:37
2. A Call from Gods to God  6:22
3. An Ode to Rhode  5:51
4. the PErfect Sound of North vs. South  8:49
5. Hellas-Ode A/Ode B  11:40

Total Running:  38:19


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Michael Tsarion-Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation (2002)

Knowledge and unparalleled research that reveals amazing secrets you absolutely must know about the UFO conspiracy, fallen angels, the Book of Enoch, ancient history, Mu, the origins of evil in the world, and the connection to "Planet X". 

450 pages

Graham Hancock-Fingerprints of the Gods (1995)

"Fingerprints of the Gods" is a book first published in 1995 by Graham Hancock, in which he contends that some previously unidentified ancient but highly-advanced civilization had existed in prehistory, one which served as the common progenitor civilization to all subsequent known known ancient historical ones. Supposedly, sometime after the end of the last ice age, this civilization passed on to its inheritors knowledge of such things as astronomy, architecture, and mathematics. The book pivots on three "fingerprints" of these civilizations, evidence of which Hancock finds in the descriptions of civilizing God-Men, i.e. Osiris, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, and Virachocha. These creation myths predate history, and Hancock suggests that in 10,450 B.C., a major pole shift took place, before which Antarctica was further from the South Pole than it is today, and after which it was moved to it's present location. This civilization was supposedly centered around Antarctica, and later survivors initiated the Olmec, Aztec, Maya, and Egyptian cultures. 

488 pages

Make a Change... Kill Yourself-Make a Change... Kill Yourself (2005)

Absolutely spectacular depressive black metal release. For my money, one of the best DSBM bands around, created by the mastermind behind Angantyr, this is heavily melodic, gloomy and melancholic, minimalistic and beautiful black metal. If you're a DSBM fan, or a fan of well-crafted black metal in general, check this out! Total Holocaust Records. 

1. Chapter I  14:10
2. Chapter II  16:11
3. Chapter III  13:29
4. Chapter IV  27:06

Total Running:  1:10:56


Marblebog-WInd of Moors (2005)

Second full-length release from Marblebog. This album takes Marblebog's music in a different direction, featuring only ambient works, and no metal. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful listen. A must, especially for fans of Ildjarn and Nidhogg's ambient work, Burzum's ambient work, and Mortiis. Tanhu Records. 

1. Waves of Inner Seas  12:39
2. Gateless Gate of Nothingness  8:59
3. Immortal Silence Inside  10:15
4. Beyond  4:49

Total Running:  36:42


Marblebog-Csendhajnal-SIlencedawn (2004)

Debut full-length from Marblebog, a Hungarian pagan/depressive black metal act. If you are a fan of depressive black metal, in the same vein as Abyssic Hate and the like, you owe it to yourself to check out Marblebog. Recommended. Tanhu Records. 

1. The Breath of Emptiness  9:06
2. A Broken Circle  7:07
3. Eternal SIlence Within  10:22
4. The Dawn of Annihilation  10:01
5. Dissolution  7:00
6. Iunhum (Raw mastering)  8:27

Total Running:  52:03


Monday, April 21, 2008

Albert Pike-Morals and Dogma (1871)

Albert Pike, Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite from 1859-1891, is one of the most honored and influential American Freemasons of all time. the Supreme Council exalts Pike by saying: "Albert Pike remains today an inspiration for Masons everywhere. His great book, Morals and Dogma, endures as the complete exposition of Scottish Rite philosophy. He will always be remembered and revered as the Master Builder of the Scottish Rite. This book is often referred to as the "Masonic Bible". If you read only one book on Freemasonry, this is it! 

574 pages

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

The history of the Emerald Tablets is strange and beyond belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer, Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of his mother country. 

77 pages