Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nachtmystium-Eulogy IV (2004)

Absolutely STELLAR EP from Chicago's Nachtmystium. This is where Azentrius started to gear Nachtmystium's sound towards the psychadelic, broadening the scope of influence and sound of his band. An absolutely amazing, unique piece of black metal, and a precursor of the masterpiece and evolution in sound to come. HIGHLY recommended. Total Holocaust Records. 

1. My Vengeance  3:56
2. Eulogy IV  4:50
3. Bleed for Thee  4:49
4. The Wound Which Cannot Heal  5:29
5. You Get Nothing  2:58
6. Kronet (Ildjarn cover)  3:02
7. Bak To Lysemde Oyne (Ildjarn cover)  2:43
8. Satanic Blood (VON cover)  1:59

Total Running:  29:46

United States of America

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