Saturday, April 19, 2008

Laibach-Jesus Christ Superstars (1996)

A change of sound, slightly, with more guitar driven music, sees Laibach venture into new territory, musically, with this album focused on the theme of religion. Of course, in true Laibach fashion, more covers are to be had. While this is slightly different than most Laibach albums, it is, no less, a wonderful and compelling listen. Recommended. Mute Records. 

1. God is God (Burton/Watkins)  3:43
2. Jesus Christ Superstar (Lloyd Webber/Rice)  5:45
3. Kingdom of God  5:37
4. Abuse and Confession  6:14
5. Declaration of Freedom  5:33
6. Message from the Black Star  5:50
7. The Cross (Prince cover)  4:54
8. To the New Light  5:00
9. Deus Ex Machina  4:00

Total Running:  46:36


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