Friday, April 25, 2008

Nokturnal Mortum-Lunar Poetry (1996)

Nokturnal Mortum, love 'em or hate 'em, has become one of the most influential and well known black metal bands outside of the Norwegian second-wave scene. While many take issue with their ideology (which has a tendency towards the nationalistic), I urge you not to get hung up on this. What matters here is the music. They are incredibly popular for a reason... they have made some of the best black metal recordings of the pst 10-12 years. Melodic, dripping in atmosphere, with absolutely amazing riffs and skillful guitar work, this demo shows just how advanced they were, even at an early stage in their careers. This is some of the best metal around today, and certainly one of the best of the entire Ukrainian/Slavic scene. Highly recommended. MetalAgen Records. 

1. Tears of Paganism  1:07
2. Lunar Poetry  4:52
3. Perun's Celestial Silver  7:08
4. Carpathian Mysteries  5:13
5. ...And Winter Becomes  4:52
6. Ancient Nation  5:10
7. The Grief of Oriana  5:33
8. Sorrows of the Moon (Celtic Frost cover)  3:46
9. Autodafe/Barbarian Dreams  7:14
10. Return of the Vampire Lord  11:30

Total Running:  55:25


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Anonymous said...

for me, one of the best albums ever created, has that indescribable element all over it!