Saturday, April 19, 2008

Laibach-Laibach (1985)

Debut album from legendary Slovenian industrial/martial band, Laibach. Every album of theirs is an industrial/martial gem, and this album is no different. While this album is primarily in their native Slovenian, they would later move to utilizing heavy German to create a borderline-fascist imagery, that was politically ambiguous, and they honed their sound down to more basic, militaristic industrial, that they would perfect over the years. This early material, however, is much more neoclassical and martial, as well as highly experimental in nature. Recommended. SKUC. 

1. Cari Amici  1:51
2. Sila  4:02
3. Sredi Bojev  8:08
4. Drzava  4:31
5. Dekret  4:12
6. Mi Kujemo Bodocnost  4:45
7. Brat Moj  5:54
8. Panorama  4:37

Total Running: 38:31



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