Saturday, April 26, 2008

Velvet Cacoon-Genevieve (2004)

Velvet Cacoon is a band surrounded by controversy, due to copyrighted music-stealing, their tall tales, and their heavy reliance on the drug DXM. But let's set those non-musical aspects aside, and just take this release for what it is: a very unique, bizarre, and enjoyable black metal release. Some have described Velvet Cacoon's music as sounding as if it is underwater. Not in a bad production way, but in an ambience way... the waves of music simply wash over and envelop you, and give a subtle underwater-like ambience. If your want to experience some black metal that is different than your run-of-the-mill tremolo riffing and "arghhhh satan" screeches, give this a shot. Recommended! Full Moon Productions. 

1. 1  6:44
2. P.S. Nautical  6:08
3. Avalon Polo  5:51
4. Laudanum  5:49
5. Fauna & Flora  5:22
6. Genevieve  7:57
7. Bete Noir  17:30

Total Running:  55:21

United States of America

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