Thursday, April 24, 2008

VON-Satanic Blood (1992)

An absolute classic of early underground black metal, VON's Satanic Blood demo has since attained a sort of legendary, highly influential, 'ahead of it's time' status. This is some of the rawest, most aggressive, filthy, minimalist black metal around, creating a sound that is akin to Beherit, Ildjarn, Bone Awl, Vondr, etc; This is rawly produced, short, evil, and filthy black metal. 

1. Devil Pig  2:22
2. Veinen  2:28
3. Watain  2:51
4. Lamb  1:43
5. Veadtuck  3:18
6. Satanic Blood  2:08
7. Christ Fire  2:59
8. Von  2:30

Total Running:  20:22

United States of America

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