Saturday, April 19, 2008

Laibach-Macbeth (1990)

This Laibach album is the soundtrack to a play, a production of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth". Just another fine example of Laibach's excellent martial/neoclassical side. Recommended, as are all of Laibach's works. Mute Records. 

1. Macbeth  32:00

Total Running:  32:00


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Jake Featherston said...

This is the first Laibach album I ever heard (back in 1989), and its one of the best commercial music albums in the history of, well, commercial music albums. Seriously, its a penultimate classic. One of Laibach's best, and Laibach is my favourite band. I didn't feel remotely bad about downloading it, either, because I bought it (new) twice during the 1990s - once on audio cassette, and my present CD copy. I'll use these MP3 files for my 4,000 mile, round-trip train journey, next month. Thanx!