Friday, April 25, 2008

Nifelheim-Nifelheim (1995)

Easily one of the most impressive and catchy-as-all-hell black/thrash bands around these days, Nifelheim writes riff after godly riff of pure old-school goodness. Channeling the spirit of early Bathory, and even Venom and Hellhammer, and mixing it with it speedier, blacker attack... these guys know how it's done, and they do it damn well. Highly recommended, as is all their material... and bang yer fuckin' head! Necropolis Records. 

1. The Devastation  3:01
2. Black Curse  3:47
3. Unholy Death  2:06
4. Possessed by Evil  3:54
5. Sodomizer  5:07
6. Satanic Sacrifice  3:14
7. Storm of Satan's Fire  4:35
8. Witchfuck  3:06

Total Running:  28:50


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