Monday, April 21, 2008

Amorphis-Eclipse (2006)

Spectacular release documenting Amorphis' newer direction, a melodic, folk-infused rock with the occasional death metal influence. An absolutely beautiful album, with melodies that stay stuck in your head for days. May not be for everyone, however, if you give it a chance, it'll grow on you. Highly recommend, especially for Viikate fans, or anyone who likes folk/rock. Nuclear Blast. 

1. Two Moons  3:22
2. House of Sleep  4:10
3. Leaves Scar  3:38
4. Born from Fire  3:59
5. Under a Soil and Black Soil  4:13
6. Perkele (The God of Fire)  3:31
7. The Smoke  3:39
8. Same Flesh  4:40
9. Brother Moon  4:47
10. Empty Opening  5:48

Total Running:  41:47


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