Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wolfchant-A Pagan Storm (2007)

Absolutely AWESOME folk/viking metal release from Germany's Wolfchant. Highly addicting folk melodies, traditional instruments thrown in the mix, AWESOME, catchy riffs, viking sing-along choruses, plenty of headbangable material...long story short, if you like folk metal and viking metal, GET THIS! A must for fans of Ensiferum, Eluveitie, Menhir, Arkona, etc;. CCP Records. 

1. Growing Storms (intro)  1:55
2. A Pagan Storm  4:55
3. The Path  3:59
4. Midnight Gathering  3:31
5. A Wolfchant from the Mountain Side  5:06
6. Guardians of the Forest  3:28
7. Winter Hymn  6:50
8. Stärkend Trunk aus Feindes Schädel  5:44
9. Voran  5:27
10. Feuerbringer (Loki's Zankrede)  4:31
11. The Axe, The Sword, The Wind and a Wolf  5:12

Total Running:  50:38


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Mang said...

Hey, Thanks for this man =) I've been looking all over for this album =) Really like Wolfchant, and thx!