Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Macabre Omen-The Ancient Returns (2005)

Absolutely stupendous debut full-length from Macabre Omen. This is filled with old-school viking metal vibe, but in a way that doesn't sound stale or re-hashed. Epic riffs, solos, and atmosphere. A must for fans of viking-era Bathory, Nachtfalke, Graveland, and even Moonblood. Highly recommended. Blutreinheit Productions. 

1. In Memory...  5:37
2. A Call from Gods to God  6:22
3. An Ode to Rhode  5:51
4. the PErfect Sound of North vs. South  8:49
5. Hellas-Ode A/Ode B  11:40

Total Running:  38:19


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