Saturday, April 19, 2008

Laibach-NATO (1994)

Another AMAZING release from Slovenia's industrial/martial kings, Laibach. This album is an all-covers album, based on an overlying theme of war. As always, very totalitarian in nature, very politically ambiguous, militant, and amazing martial/industrial music. HIGHLY recommended. 

1. NATO (based on "Mars, Bringer of War" by English composer Gustav Holst)  5:45
2. War (Edwin Starr cover)  4:10
3. Final Countdown (Europe cover)  5:40
4. In the Army Now (Bolland/Status Quo cover)  4:31
5. Dogs of War (Pink Floyd cover)  4:43
6. Alle gegen alle  (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft cover)  3:52
7. National Reservation (Paul Revere & The Raiders cover)  3:46
8. 2525 (Zager & Evans cover)  3:48
9. Mars on River Drina (Based on "March on River Drina" by Serbian composer Stanislav Binicki)  4:48

Total Running:  41:09


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Jake Featherston said...

Wow, man, you are really picking the correct Laibach albums! "NATO" was my favourite, before "WAT" was released. A colossal achievement in modern music. Simply incredible. "Alle gegen alle" (sic?) is a song that after you hear it, you just want to hear it again. Its invigourating.