Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wintersun-Wintersun (2004)

Debut album from Finland's Wintersun. Wintersun was just a side project of Jari Mäenpää, of Ensiferum fame, but he now is full-time in Wintersun. This is fast, majestic, melodic, virtuosic, atmospheric, folk-influenced death/power metal. If you like Ensiferum, this is a must. But I HIGHLY recommend this album to all metal fans in general, as it is an entrancing listen. Nuclear Blast. 

1. Beyond the Dark Sun  2:38
2. Winter Madness  5:08
3. Sleeping Stars  5:41
4. Battle Against Time  7:03
5. Death and the Healing  7:13
6. Starchild  7:54
7. Beautiful Death  8:16
8. Sadness and Hate  10:16

Total Running:  54:09


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