Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bathory-Hammerheart (1990)

Second album from the 'viking-era' of Bathory. This is really where they came into their own, with EPIC, lengthy, amazing songs, choirs, acoustic, atmospheric touches, Quorthon's impassioned vocals, and heavy use of norse mythology, makes this one of the best viking metal releases ever (Don't believe me? Listen to "One Rode to Asa Bay"). Like all of Bathory's releases, this is required! HIGHLY recommended. Black Mark Productions. 

1. Shores in Flames  11:09
2. Valhalla  9:35
3. Baptised in Fire and Ice  7:58
4. Father to Son  6:29
5. Song to Hall up High/Home of Once Brave  9:17
6. One Rode to Asa Bay  10:24
7. Outro  0:52

Total Running:  55:44


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