Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vordven-Towards the Frozen Stream (1999)

Amazing album from short-lived Finnish epic symphonic black metal band, Vordven. I cannot sing the praises of this band enough....epic, atmospheric soundscapes, beautiful melodies, subtle, yet grand, keys, tasteful, sparingly-used female vocals...just overall, an AMAZING band. I'd recommend this to all fans of symphonic/epic black metal (not the cheesy Dimmu-clone crap), especially for fans of bands as varied as early Abigor, and Summoning, to name a few. Highly recommended!! No Colours Records. 

1. Harness of Heaven  1:33
2. Moonlight in the Northern Sky  6:12
3. Dream of Northside  9:00
4. Rivendell  7:12
5. Aurora Borealis  1:15
6. Eternal Storm  6:10
7. When the Snowcrystal Reaches the Nightgleam  5:49
8. Towards the Frozen Stream  7:46

Total Running:  44:37


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