Friday, April 25, 2008

Nokturnal Mortum-Goat Horns (1997)

Absolutely phenomenal debut full-length from Ukraine's kings of pagan/nationalistic black metal, Nokturnal Mortum. This album is full of beautifully-crafted epic/symphonic black metal songs, with a hints of Ukrainian folk influence throughout. An absolute masterpiece, like all of Nokturnal Mortum's music. Highly recommended. MetalAgen Records. 

1. Black Moon Overture  4;47
2. Kuyaviya  7:02
3. Goat Horns  9:04
4. Unholy Orathania  8:07
5. Veles' Scrolls  11:47
6. Kolyada  7:08
7. Eternal Circle  3:50

Total Running:  51:45


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eternallydamned said...

one of the best works from this ancient slavonic beast, very orchestral (I guess 2 synth players were on this album), but not kitchy or too artificial. They werent so radical during these times yet :)