Sunday, April 27, 2008

Belenos-Spicilege (2002)

Spectacular celtic/pagan black metal release from France's Belenos. Furious, melodic black metal, mixing in with beautiful down-tempo interludes, and very pagan-sounding clean vocals, come together to create a pagan black metal masterpiece. Highly recommended. Sacral  Productions. 

1. Tal Ifern  5:13
2. Ensorcelé  5:11
3. Terre de Brume  6:07
4. Noz Pagan  3:04
5. Par Belenos  4;46
6. Mort Divine  6:44
7. Loin au Nord  5:27
8. L'antre Noir  7:04
9. Chant D'automne  2:13

Total Running:  45:49


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eternallydamned said...

Belenos is damn good music...suprise for me that this strong stuff is not better known..I had Errances oniriques for few years, but I must get all the stuff since I heard Spicilege, definitely.