Saturday, April 19, 2008

Windir-1184 (2001)

Third full length release from Norway's Windir. This album exhibits slightly more cleaned-up production, concise songwriting, and even more electronica elements (added in a tasteful, non-industrial way). But above all, this is another Windir release, packed with beautiful folk melodies, soaring keys, and absolutely epic, atmosphere-drenched songs. A must for all folk/viking/black metal fans. Highly recommended. Head Not Found. 

1. Todeswalzer  4:54
2. 1184
3. Dance of Mortal Lust  5:45
4. The Spiritlord  6:11
5. Heidra  8:18
6. Destroy  6:30
7. Black New Age  4:54
8. Journey to the End  9:34

Total Running:  51:34


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