Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bathory-Nordland I (2002)

The older of the last two releases Quorthon created, these albums were a true return to form, only this time, it feels like Quorthon stepped it up even more than the original 'viking trilogy' albums... absolutely majestic melodies and riffs, his singing voice has improved considerably, as well as his guitar technique, and these songs are absolutely chock full of norse atmosphere. HIGHLY recommended... one of my favorite Bathory releases. Black Mark Productions. 

1. Prelude  2:34
2. Nordland  9:21
3. Vinterblot  5:18
4. Dragon's Breath  6:45
5. Ring of Gold  5:35
6. Foreverdark Woods  8:06
7. Broken Sword  5:35
8. Great Hall Awaits a Fallen Brother  8:17
9. Mother Earth Father Thunder  5:38
10. Heimfard  2:12

Total Running:  59:21


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