Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marblebog-Csendhajnal-SIlencedawn (2004)

Debut full-length from Marblebog, a Hungarian pagan/depressive black metal act. If you are a fan of depressive black metal, in the same vein as Abyssic Hate and the like, you owe it to yourself to check out Marblebog. Recommended. Tanhu Records. 

1. The Breath of Emptiness  9:06
2. A Broken Circle  7:07
3. Eternal SIlence Within  10:22
4. The Dawn of Annihilation  10:01
5. Dissolution  7:00
6. Iunhum (Raw mastering)  8:27

Total Running:  52:03



namaj said...

hail from Mexico!! thanks for up-loading such a great album!!I cant stop to listening the song "the breath of emptiness.. in the forthcoming days I´ll buy this album (version re-released through autopsy kitchen records)!!

BosqueNegro said...

Saludos from México, This blog really is amazing, this album kickasses