Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aes Dana-Formor (2005)

Absolutely spectacular release from France's celtic pagan black metal horde, Aes Dana. Lots of bagpipe and irish tin whistle melodies abound, and absolutely addicting folk-infused songs, packed with heavy celtic atmosphere. A real step up from the debut release, this is something every fan of folk metal should own. Highly recommended! Oaken Shield. 

1. Les Traces de la Branche Rouge  4:45
2. Formors, Mer de Glaces et D'ombre  6:36
3. Formors, Exil  6:55
4. Gwenardell  6:28
5. Le Combat des Arbres  4:48
6. Les Griffes des Oiseaux  4:16
7. Ventres Noirs  5:25
8. Manannan Mac Lir  7:07

Total Running:  46:20


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†††Leandro††† Guerreiro Lobo Solitário said...

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