Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moonblood-Blut und Krieg (1997)

While Moonblood released a slew of demos for years before this album, this was Moonblood's 'official' debut LP. This is an absolutely fantastic album, one that every tried n' true black metal fan should own. Raw, filthy production, soaring, epic riffs, combine to create an absolutely amazing, atmospheric album. HIGHLY recommended.  Majestic Union. 

1. Intro: Midnight  0:47
2. In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon  4:21
3. Shadows  7:40
4. ...and Snow Covered the Lifeless Bodies  9:04
5. My Evil Soul  7:11
6. Blut und Krieg  6:02
7. Kingdom of Forgotten Dreams  4:43
8. Under the Cold Fullmoon  7:52
9. I Am All  7:16
10. The Infernal Master Returns: Outro  1:56

Total Running:  56:52


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