Monday, April 21, 2008

Epheles-Le Dernier Pardon (2003)

Wonderful debut full-length from Epheles...raw, yet epic and beautiful black metal, in the French style we all know and love. Uncompromising and powerful, yet melodically-inclined riffs, and well-crafted songs, make this an all-around enjoyable and worthy release. Recommended. Self-released. 

1. Le Deuil des Innocents  7:50
2. L'oeuvre Unique  11:45
3. La Symphonie des Ombres  2:17
4. Le Marches des Oubliés  6:55
5. Sous le Volle de L'Eternité  7:06
6. Ultima Venia  9:38
7. Au Seuil du Néant  2:39

Total Running:  48:10


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