Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nokturnal Mortum-The Taste of Victory EP (2004)

Absolutely incredible EP from Ukrain's symphonic/folk black metal legends, Nokturnal Mortum. This album really exemplifies the change in sound they have made as of late, with a much heavier focus on incorporating the instruments and folk music of their native Ukraine, creating a much more slavic folk-metal feel. The other obvious (but awesome) difference is a focus on longer, more epic-feeling songs, in the vein of viking-era Bathory and later Graveland. This is a highly recommended piece of music! Oriana Productions. 

1. Weltanschauung  8:36
2. The New Era of Swords  7:38
3. The Taste of Victory  11:41
4. As the Steel Eagle into GOlden Svarga  14:51

Total Running:  42:46


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