Friday, April 25, 2008

Nifelheim-Servants of Darkness (2000)

2000 album from Sweden's masters of blackened thrash, Nifelheim. More of the deliciously head-bangable old-school blackened thrash you've come to love from Nifelheim, only on this album, they seem to have kicked up the technicality a little bit, but certainly in a good way! Every song is a winner, and every song will kick yer ass. Highly recommended. Black Sun Records. 

1. Evil Blasphemies  3:16
2. Sadistic Blood Massacre  2:50
3. Black Evil  2:17
4. Bestial Avenger  5:17
5. War of Doom (Armageddon)  4:16
6. Servants of Darkness  3:49
7. Infernal Desolation  3:27
8. Into the Morbid Black  5:08
9. Sacrifice to the Lord of Darkness  4:21

Total Running:  34:41


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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this ! I thought i would never find this great album ! :-D
Your blog rules,
Hail from The Woods !