Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moonblood-The Winter Falls Over the Land (1995)

An absolutely legendary name in the world of underground black metal, Moonblood are the German purveyors of absolutely raw and filthy (some would say 'awful' production, but that's just not true...), yet amazingly atmospheric and epic black metal. All Moonblood releases are absolute gems of German black metal, and this demo is no exception. Is the production raw? Yes. Very. But it adds to the charm of this gem. Highly recommended. 

1. Intro  0:40
2. Nightly Mass  7:40
3. The Gates of Eternity  5:03
4. A Land where the Sky is Black  4:04
5. In the Shadow  of Inverted Crucifix  5:08
6. The Winter Falls over the Land  5:45
7. Outro  0:26

Total Running:  28:46


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Anonymous said...

This is their fucking best!