Saturday, April 19, 2008

Windir-Sóknardalr (1997)

This is where it all started-Windir's first official full-length album, Sóknardalr. An absolutely phenomenal debut release, where the Windir sound was really put on the map. Wonderfully created black metal, with beautiful folk melodies only Valfar could compose, soaring keys, and an absolutely heaping amount of epic atmosphere. Every folk/viking/black metal fan should own this, and if you don't, get it. Now. HIGHLY recommended. Head Not Found. 

1. Sognariket Sine Krigarar  5:35
2. Det Some var Haukareld  5:40
3. Mørket Sin Fyrste  7:26
4. Sognariket si Herskarinne 4:17
5. I el Krystallnatt  5:15
6. Røvhaugane  5:32
7. Likbør  8:08
8. Sóknardalr  5:42

Total Running:  47:45


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