Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bak De Syv Fjell-From Haavardstun (1997)

It's really quite sad that this band did not record more than one rehearsal, and this EP. This EP, although only two song,s is one of my favorite folk/viking metal EP's of all time. Absolutely brilliantly crafted songs, wonderful melodies that stay stuck in your head, and a rawer-than-usual, gritty production, all come together to make this a beautiful atmospheric, amazing release. Highly recommended! Edge Circle Productions. 

1. From Haavardstun  4:37
2. De Siste Tanker  3:53

Total Running:  8:30



eternallydamned said...

just few people know this band and I appreciate that masses didnt rape it, but certainly work of these 2 guys deserves much more attention...and Im really glad that they are going to re activate the group and record new stuff...this EP is asolutely stunning!!! If you want to visit norway right now, then simply play this music!

fenris said...

great band.. btw i heard that they work on the nxt album ;)