Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vinterland-Welcome My Last Chapter (1996)

Excellent, and oft-overlooked, release from Vinterland. They play a sort of epic melodic black metal, in the same vein as early Dissection and the like (although I almost like Vinterland more!). This album is absolutely superb, if you are into the whole melodic black metal sort of thing. Keyboards on this album are also played by the legendary Dan Swanö! HIGHLY recommended. No Fashion Records. 

1. Our Dawn of Glory  6:09
2. I'm an Other in the Night  7:03
3. So Far Beyond... (The Great Vast Forest)  3:29
4. A Castle So Crystal Clear  5:28
5. As I Behold the Dying Sun  6:14
6. Vinterskogen  3:57
7. Still the Night is Awake  3:30
8. A Winter Breeze  4:49
9. Wings of Sorrow  8:53

Total Running:  49:47



Damien said...

Great album! I just reviewed it last week on my blog actually. Criminally underrated record.
You can read my review at
Thanks for the uploads and keep up the good work.

nittitre said...

Why the HELL haven't i heard of this band before??
I have never been a huge fan of swedish melodic black/death metal. But this totally blew me away.
By far one of the best albums of this genre.
I can't thank you enough! Keep up the great work on this blog.

Vinlander said...

Glad you guys liked this record. Glad I could introduce you to a hidden gem, nittitre. Thanks for the support!