Monday, April 21, 2008

Amorphis-Tales from the Thousand Lakes (1994)

Amorphis is a household name in the metal world, but this blog is about my favorite music, so I'll post what I please. Amorphis is a melodic death metal band (rock, now), with heavy folk music influence. This particular album is regarded as the pinnacle of their death metal days, filled to the brim with heavy, headbangable riffs, yet with a very unique melodic edge that bares heavy folk music similarities. An absolute gem of the melodic death metal movement, I recommend this to all metal fans, and especially for those possessing a love for folk metal and death metal. Highly recommended! 

1. Thousand Lakes  2:03
2. Into Hiding  3:42
3. The Castaway  5:30
4. First Doom  3:49
5. Black Winter Day  3:48
6. Drowned Maid  4:23
7. In the Beginning  3:34
8. Forgotten Sunrise  4:50
9. To Fathers Cabin  3:47
10. Magic and Mayhem  4:27

Total Running:  40:18


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