Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eldrig-Everlasting War Divinity (2007)

Absolutely stunning release from Eldrig. Eldrig the man, is probably best known for his work in epic/symphonic NSBM band, Fanisk. Well, here, we have a much more polished sound than Fanisk, much better production, more coherent songs, dripping with atmosphere, and absolutely epic riffs. HIGHLY recommended for fans of symphonic black metal a la Kataxu, Fanisk, Nokturnal Mortum, and even Emperor. Eastside. 

1. Power Ascension  8:20
2. The Elevation of the Beautiful  9:07
3. Affirmation of Victory  9:22
4. Conquest Diety  8:47
5. The Alienation of the Wretched  7:41
6. Death to the Unwilling  11:15

Total Running:  54:32

United States of America

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