Thursday, February 28, 2008

Défaillance- Contemplation Misanthropique de l'Humanité... (2008)

The newest album from up-and-coming French depressive black metal band Défaillance. The mastermind also behind Ulfang and While Sad Spirits Around Me Stroll returns with arguably his finest release to date. For my money, one of the better releases in a genre plagued with generic mediocrity. Some of the most anguished, almost wolf-like howls and shrieks, beautiful melodies, and synths that remind me of Filosofem-era Burzum... A very, very strong release. Highly recommended, especially for fans of his other projects, fans of Burzum, and generally, all fans of well-crafted depressive black metal. Ewiges Eis Records. 

1. Contemplation  12:52
2. Misanthropique  12:42
3. De l'Humanité  5:24

Total Running:  30:58

République Française

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