Monday, February 25, 2008

Forteresse- Métal Noir Québécois (2006)

Forteresse is a stellar example of the high quality music Canadian black metal bands are producing. As with many Canadian (particularly Québécois) bands, nationalism is at the forefront of this band, with samples of Canadian folk music included in many of the songs.  Epic melodies from both the subtle keyboards and the skillful guitar work. I'd highly recommend this to, first and foremost, anyone who appreciates well-composed, well-executed black metal. I think fans of everyone from Drudkh, to Taake, Hate Forest, and Kataxu. Sepulchral Productions. 

1. La Moisson de la Libertée  8:28
2. Une Nuit pour la Patrie  10:28
3. La Flamme et le Lys  7:41
4. De Sang et de Volonté  7:16
5. Métal Noir Québécois  8:44
6. Honneur et Tradition  7:42

Total Running: 50:17

Canada (Québec) 

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Anonymous said...

it's Québec nationalism...not canadian one. its Québec folk music, not canadian.

Forteresse want independance of Qué should write your review with that in mind if you respect the band.