Sunday, April 6, 2008

Akitsa-Sang Nordique (2002)

Akitsa is one of the most well-known of the now-burgeoning Canadian black metal scene. Fiercely patriotic, with heavy amounts of Québecois nationalism, and a raw, primal, bare-bones, hateful black metal attack. A great release for fans of raw black metal. I'd recommend to fans of Ildjarn, Geimhre, and even early Absurd. Autistiarili Records. 

1. Introduction  2:38
2. Riposte  4:18
3. Frontiere  5:17
4. Sang Nordique  6:39
5. Au Combat  6:56
6. Vers La Victoire  2:23
7. La Nature de Mon Pays  5:47
8. Fin  10:26

Total Running:  44:25

Canada (Québec)


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