Monday, April 7, 2008

Bannerwar-To Honour Fatherland (2004)

Bannerwar has been a player on the Greek black metal scene for 8 years now, creating intensely atmospheric, nationalistic black metal. This is an absolutely fabulous epic black metal album, with lush keys, and overall great composition; overall, very epic. I'd recommend this to fans of epic black metal, bands such as Kataxu, Fanisk, and even Emperor. Battlefield Records. 

1. Black Storm Over Hellas  2:35
2. The Blood of Race  4:57
3. To Honour Fatherland  8:55
4. Aryan Skies  7:31
5. Raise the Banners of War  6:01
6. Sun Anj'kite  5:10
7. Kulturkampf  4:38
8. Eternal Fight (Blue Eyed Devils cover)  2:56

Total Running:  42:44


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eternallydamned said...

Greek BM scene is awesome for a couple of years, less or more even with NS stuff (which is quite spreaded in Greece). To this territory also belongs Bannerwar, by my opinion one of the greatest NS group from Greece. Dont talk about the ideology or dictrines, black metal produced by Bannerwar is on high level. Their music is aggressive, but not headless, technically very brilliant. Even drum machine is perfect programmed and sounds good, which is sometimes problem today, even with easily accesible hi-fi possibility. There are also memorable synth works, especially in the song nr 5. Rise the banners of war. Together with Legion of Doom, Kawir, Order Of The Ebon Hand, Naer Mataron, Nocternity, On Thorns I Lay, Astarte (and maybe some more I forgot) one of my favorite Greek horde.