Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Celestia-Apparitia-Sumptuous Spectre (2002)

The debut full length from France's Celestia, who's mainman, Noktu, is somewhat of a legend in the French scene (being in Mortifera and Gestapo 666, to name two). This, much like the newest album, is an absolutely superb piece of French black metal, but Celestia in particular has a certain twisted romanticism about them, and a very keen sense of melody. A highly recommended release, especially for fans of Mortifera, Peste Noire, Mutiilation, and even Amesoeurs and Alcest. Full Moon Productions. 

1. The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancée  5;59
2. Necromelancholic Reveries  4:34
3. Wandering Through the Past Memories  4:01
4. Perverted Decadent, Dying, Love  7:49
5. Spectra  3:42
6. Morbid Romance  5:42
7. The Fragrance of the Dead Rose  4:34
8. The Radiance of the Astral Circle  6:52

Total Running:  43:18


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