Thursday, April 10, 2008

Death in June-The World That Summer (1986)

A much earlier Death in June album, this one being from 1986. This album also sees David Tibet, of Current 93 fame, contributing heavily. The heavily experimental elements that were a trademark of early Death in June are here in a big way, with heavy industrial touches. While there still is the underlying neofolk elements, this is a much more experimental album. Nonetheless, this, like all Death in June albums, is definitely worth getting. Recommended, as always. 

1. Blood of Winter  4:10
2. Hidden Among the Leaves  4:29
3. Torture by Roses  3:34
4. Come Before Christ and Murder Love  4:24
5. Love Murder  5:10
6. Rule Again  4:01
7. Break the Black Ice  4:07
8. Rocking Horse Night  3:32
9. Blood Victory  5:17
10. Death of Man  15:28
11. Reprise I  3:22
12. Reprise II  4:06
13. Reprise III  5:22

Total Running:  1:06:55

United Kingdom


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