Saturday, April 12, 2008

Desolation Triumphalis-Forever Bound to Nothingness (2006)

Debut full-length from French black metal band, Desolation Triumphalis. This is one of the projects taken up by Lemrauth and Malkira Eskhanth after the dissolution of Kristallnacht. In the same vein as Kristallnacht, this is rather synth-laden french black metal of the highest order, with addicting melodies, a raw production, and an overall very grim atmosphere. Highly recommended, especially if you were a fan of Kristallnacht. 

1. Forever Bound to Nothingness  6:01
2. The Eternal Revolution  4:50
3. Condemned  5:04
4. Arcane of Supreme Rise  7:44
5. The Reign of Desolation  5:02
6. Embracing Void and Darkness  4:36

Total Running:  33:17


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