Sunday, April 13, 2008

Drudkh-Forgotten Legends (2003)

The album that started it all... For those unfamiliar, Drudkh is a Ukrainian black metal band (whose memebers are damn near royalty within the scene, with contributions from members of Hate Forest, Astrofaes, and Nokturnal Mortum) that focuses heavily on Slavic/Ukrainian pride and nationalism, as well as a heavy focus on nature and the seasons. If you're looking for constant blast beats and "hail satan" every other word, look elsewhere....but if you want some of the most finely-crafted, beautiful, atmospheric black metal ever created, Drudkh is for you. I highly, HIGHLY recommend every single release. Supernal Music. 

1. False Dawn  15:58
2. Forests in Fire and Gold  8:53
3. Eternal Turn of the Wheel  11:44
4. Smell of Rain  2:46

Total Running:  39:24


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