Monday, April 14, 2008

Drudkh-Songs of Grief & Solitude (2006)

A very different, but absolutely spectacular album from Drudkh. While most well-known for their fiercely nationalistic, folk-infused slavic black metal, this album sees them take an entirely new direction; this is an entirely acoustic album of Ukrainian traditional music...they also use riffs from earlier albums, but when played with acoustic instruments, it adds a whole new dimension. While there are no vocals, and no metal to be found here, this is an intense, atmospheric, and very moving piece of music. I highly recommend! Supernal Music. 

1. Sunset in Carpathians  2:46
2. Tears of Gods  8:34
3. Archaic Dance  3:26
4. The Milky Way  9:52
5. Why the Sun Becomes Sad  5:46
6. The Cranes Will Never Return Here  3:25
7. Grey-Haired Steppe  2:08

Total Running:  34:40


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