Monday, April 14, 2008

Mütiilation- Vampires of Black Imperial Blood (1995)

A true black metal classic from the legendary LLN... Mütiilation is a household name in black metal, and for a good reason. They consistently release some of the most perverse, raw, filthy, revolting, yet addicting black metal, even to this very day. Vampires of Black Imperial Blood was their first official full length (after a slew of demos)...and it is something every self-respecting black metal fan should own. Sick, raw, primal, and filthy black metal with a keen melodic sensability and a very distinct "french" sound. Recommended. Drakkar Productions. 

1. Magical Shadows of a Tragic Past  10;02
2. Born Under the Master's Spell  5:30
3. Ravens of My Funeral  7:41
4. Black Imperial Blood  5:36
5. Eternal Empire of Majesty Death  7:08
6. Transylvania  5:53
7. Under Ardailles Night  4:22
8. Tears of a Melancholic Vampire  8:00

Total Running:  54:12



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