Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vond-Selvmord (1994)

Vond was one of the many side-projects of the now-industrial-hipster Mortiis. This was written/recorded early in his solo career, when ambient music was his life. While his main project, Mortiis, was more focused on the past, medieval imagery, and epic atmosphere, Vond paints Mortiis is a much darker light. As the cover would suggest, this is very depressive music, meant to instill a sort of suicidal feel in listeners. While there is no metal here, it utilizes the same techniques as the depressive/suicidal black metal that is so popular today, employs; lots of repetition, slow, mournful, melancholic melodies, and an overall very dark and depressive atmosphere. I highly recommend this, if you are a fan of dark ambient, a fan of Mortiis' other work, or even a fan of DSBM. High quality stuff. Malicious Records. 

1. Selvmord  18:08
2. Når Livet Tar Farvel  4:41
3. Reisen Til En Ny Verden  8:55
4. Slipp Sorgen Løs  10:08

Total Running:  41:52


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