Saturday, April 5, 2008

Agalloch-The White EP (2008)

This band needs no introduction. Agalloch has been making some of the most interesting and beautiful folk-influenced metal in America for years. This is their newest EP, which is almost exclusively neofolk. There is no metal here to be found, but amazingly atmospheric, beautiful acoustic-centered neofolk music. A must for fans of everyone from Tenhi, to Death in June. Beautiful release. Vendlus Records. 

1. The Isle of Summer  3:58
2. Birch Black  2:41
3. Hollow Stone  4:16
4. Pantheist  7:17
5. Birch White  3:45
6. Sowilo Runes  5:40
7. Summerisle Reprise  4:56

Total Running:  32:29

United States of America

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