Saturday, April 5, 2008

Arghoslent-Incorrigible Bigotry (2002)

One of my absolute favorite death metal releases of all time...Arghoslent is a rather radical nationalist death metal band, formed from the ruins of Grand Belial's Key. While there are some radical themes lyrically, musically, this album is undeniably wonderful. Pogrom of GBK maintains the epic, wonderful guitar riffage he was known for in his previous band, with absolutely amazing solos, and perfect riff after perfect riff. There is a heavy dose of melody in this, but not in the Gothenburg-style...really a unique, amazing, all-around kick-ass piece of death metal. For fans of Grand Belial's Key, and any fans of extreme metal in general. Top notch. Drakkar Productions. 

1. Flogging the Cargo  3:27
2. The Purging Fires of War  6:33
3. Quelling the Simian Surge  4:52
4. Heirs to Perdition  5:21
5. Archaic Invincibility  4:53
6. Incorrigible Bigotry  8:26
7. Hereditary Taint  4:28

Total Running:  38:00

United States of America

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