Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cor Scorpii-Monument (2008)

I'm sure your first thought when listening to this will be "Vreid who?". While half of the members of Windir went on to form Vreid after the tragic death of Valfar, the other half (and, as proven by this release, the soul) of Windir went on to form Cor Scorpii. This album would not sound out of place at all in Windir's catalogue...a completely beautiful, epic, atmospheric recording of folk-influenced black metal. If you have ever called yourself a fan of Windir, you owe it to yourself to pick up this recording. Highly, highly recommended. Descent Productions.

1. El Fane Svart  5:47
2. Endesong  5:01
3. I, the Damned  6:16
4. Our Fate, Our Curse  5:30
5. Helvetesfossen  4:02
6. Oske og Innsikt  10:27
7. Kjettar  4:29
8. Bragder I Stein  5:58

Total Running: 47:30

Kongeriket Norge 

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eternallydamned said...

Though I have never doubt about talented musicians beside Valfar, I expected that after the nature embraced him eternally the Windir's spirit has been buried and will not be resurrected. My thoughts were confirmed when I have listen to Vreid for the first time, even on their gig I have been on they played half Windir/half Vreid stuff. But then I found material from Mistur, Cor Scorpii and Sigtyr and my heart begun to beat as for my last minute. Yep, the great spirit of Valfar still lives in the mountains of Norway and in the instruments of his former co-belligerents from Windir. If you LOVE work of Windir as I do, then promptly get this album, because this is more than Windir's offsprinfg. If you dont know Windir (or you dont like them...HA, I dont believe that this kind of people exists!), then dont hesitate and find all the single note they recorded. The king is dead, long live the king!!!P.S. even the genial synth works are not forgotten as well, song nr 5.Helvetesfossen is more than the proof!