Sunday, April 6, 2008

Alcest-Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde (2007)

Neige does it again, this time with his main project, Alcest. A drastic departure from his black metal roots, this album maintains some black metal elements (mostly present in the guitar riffs and the drums), but overall, ventures much further into shoegaze, dreampop, and post-rock territory. An absolutely beautiful release, and one of my absolute favorites of the past year. If you like tr00 kvlt black metal exclusively, avoid this like the plague. But if you have an open mind, you need to check this out. I cannot recommend it enough! Prophecy Productions. 

1. Printemps Émeraude  7:19
2. Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde  6:08
3. Les Iris  7:41
4. Ciel Errant  7:12
5. Sur l'Autre Rive Je t'Attendrai  6:50
6. Tir Nan Og  6:10

Total Running:  41:20

République Française

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eternallydamned said...

Many words can be written and many words have been written about this genial piece of art, but the only right thing you can do is to listen to this and shut your mouth up. This is excellent and absolutly rare music, one of the best album of the 2007. And for me one of the biggest surprise, though I have already had the previous EP Le secret (which is also briliant, but not as much as this debut LP), but this shock I didnt expected. I also didnt expected that I will fall in love with black metal/shoegaze fusion (well, to be honest, the word shoegaze has been unknown for me until I have met with Alcest haha), but I did. And I guess that this isnt love for just one night, I have this masterpiece more than half a year and I didnt changed my mind about it. Though I dont play guitar, I think that Neige is excellent guitarist, at least he brings very fresh air into black metal arts, his riffs are absolutely occuped my brain. If you are orthodox fan of fast and blasphemous black, like many many bands producing, then dont try this. If you are anybody else on this blog, then definitely try this, you will find something extra. Exclusively recommended the song nr 3 and 6!